Web Publishing

A website may be artful but if it’s not easy to use it can do more harm than good. When poor design makes it difficult to move around a site, users will abruptly leave. Placing too many images or too much text on pages can hamper navigation, making layouts complex and difficult to scan.

Trying to find your way around a poorly-designed site is a lot like driving without a map. A well-designed website allows users to know where they are and where they have been while providing a clear indication where they may wind up—that is, if they heed the posted signs.

That’s where we come in. Good web development requires understanding usability and possessing knowledge about your intended audience. Creating and updating content that is useful and resonates with your customers is critical. Designers cannot make bad content good — no matter how hard they try. Most users won’t tolerate fluff, dated information or anything that looks like an ad.

The average small firm doesn’t need to spend a lot for a website or redesign in order to boost traffic. We’ll help you launch or redesign your site with content that is valued and navigational strategies that ensure ease of use. We’ll help you create an optimization strategy that will increase new and repeat visitors.