WRITING: Six Golden Rules

Storytelling today is serious business. Companies of all sizes are discovering that good stories, tweets and blogs can move people to action. All writers are not capable of creating content that sells but those with a broad range of skills are suddenly in huge demand. Is there a secret behind good writing? Experts like Ernest Hemingway insisted that we can’t acquire writing gifts unless we sit down and write. These days social media like Twitter provide splendid opportunities to hone storytelling skills while writing your heart out. Tweeting isn’t like a driving range for golfers but the same... Read more

THE ABSENCE OF USELESSNESS: 5 Common Website Mistakes

By the time Kathy Smith* opened her new business brimming with potpourri in Chattanooga’s quaint Northshore district there was little left over in her budget for advertising. Eager to get the word out about her small shop hidden beneath decks and staircases, she called a friend for help developing a website. Within days Kathy’s business had gone global though she admits the site generates few if any new customers. “We can’t do a lot with it because our product is always changing,” she laments. While Kathy may sleep better knowing her shop has a presence on the Internet,... Read more